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The Wedding of Coleen and Jhn

Event Date:  10/27/2018
Active Until: 01/11/2019

The Wedding of Dena and Scott

Event Date:  10/05/2018
Active Until: 02/21/2019

Event Date:  06/10/2018
Active Until: 02/28/2019

Waterloo Village

Event Date:  06/04/2018
Active Until: 08/03/2018

Sweet Sixteen

Event Date:  05/05/2018
Active Until: 11/01/2018

The Wedding of Stephanie and Jeff

Event Date:  09/23/2017
Active Until: 11/01/2018

The Wedding of Beka and Buz

Event Date:  09/09/2017
Active Until: 12/04/2018

The Wedding of Samantha and Joshua

Event Date:  06/17/2017
Active Until: 08/01/2018

The Bar Mitzvah Alex

Event Date:  12/17/2016
Active Until: 11/01/2018

The Wedding of Samantha and Jamie

Event Date:  09/04/2016
Active Until: 11/01/2018

The Wedding of Claire and Kris

Event Date:  10/03/2015
Active Until: 12/01/2017

The Wedding of Sarah and John

Event Date:  08/11/2015
Active Until: 02/21/2018

The Wedding of Angela and Chris

Event Date:  11/11/2014
Active Until: 08/01/2018

The Wedding of Judy and Tony

Event Date:  06/30/2013
Active Until: 03/31/2018

The Wedding of Jane and Roy

Event Date:  05/25/2013
Active Until: 08/01/2018

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